Hi I have a dell Inspiron 8600 with a fx5200 go I had a bad lcd so i bought a relacment when I installed IT the screen only flashes red green blue white black and so on on an external lcd I can't see my post but I boot to windows and can use the laptop my old sceen is identical exept for the date one is 2003 the other is 2004 and the old one gives me no pic but the backlight works (no flashing, no colors)

any help would be nice
thank rocky

Hi Rocky, did someone disable you punctuation keys?

Let me see if I have this right, you have a notebook that the LCD quit working, so you connected a LCD monitor and are having problems getting it to work?

Specifically what GPU are you using, and how do you have it connect to the monitor?

I am having the exact same problem! (Except my punctuation keys seem to be working) Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop, the LCD died, I bought another (exact replacement) on ebay, just installed it - and am getting the full screen flashing red, green blue...
GPU is a 64MB NVIDIA GeForce FX Go520.
I saw another thread with the same issue, also for the 8600 but no replies w/fixes.

has anyone found out what the problem is? My laptop is still dead. Please help

I know this thread is a bit dated, but I'm have the very same problem! My Dell Inspiron 8600 works perfectly with a external monitor, but the built in display does nothing but change from red to green to blue to white and keeps repeating. Anybody out there have an answer? Thanks!