I'm trying to configure a dual monitor setup for my Dell Dimension E510 PC. (Running XP) When I look up the video card information, it displays " ATI Radeon x300/x550/x1050 series" (I can't find anything more specific).

Currently, I have one VGA port and one DVI port on the back of my computer and one monitor plugged into each. When I researched if this configuration could work, I was told I would simply need to change the display settings on my video card.

Currently the only monitor being displayed is the one connected to the DVI port, both monitors do work when used as the only display.

When I go to Control Panel ----> Display-----> Settings, the only monitor showing under display (and also under my devices) is the DVI monitor.

I can't get my computer to recognize that there is another monitor connected to the machine and I can't open the display settings for my video card. Any suggestions?

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right click on the desktop go to properties /display settings / you should see 2 monitors ,one default ,right click on the #2[secondary ] one and click on attached and see what happens.
if both monitory don't show up in settings ,maybe you need latest drivers from ATI/AMD web site ,.

Thanks for the advice, you are correct in that two monitors do not show up in the settings tab.

In order to update my drivers, I believe I need to know EXACTLY which video card I have, where would I find this information since I can only determine it is an x300/x550/x1050 series at this point?

I appreciate your help as I am simply lost on this one...

I appreciate your help as I am simply lost on this one...

hi,only one monitor means you have incorrect drivers installed ,go here and download swi standalone , it doesn't install it runs from the exe, run it and in the left pane scroll to video click it and in the right pane it should show your video adapter info

also when i checked for drivers in the link in my other post ,it comes up with the same driver for all 3 v 8.10 go for option 1

All fixed! (With the exception of my dock, but that comes down to user error I believe) ;)

Thanks so much for the help! The driver fixed the issue. Not sure why mine was installed with the wrong one, but we fixed it.

Even my brother in law who works with computers all day couldn't figure it out, so pat yourself on the back!

pat pat .thanks

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