The LCD on my inspiron 5000 isn't working right, and since I dont have much money, I'd like to pin point the problem before I start buying new parts.

Anyway, here's a picture of what the screen looks like.
while it should look like this:
(only in english)

I can plug the laptop into the docking station and the external monitor displays fine, so I'm guessing it has nothing to do with the video card, and the back light of the LCD is bright. I was wondering if that means its the flex ribbon, or something else?


Hi 72beetle,
It's not unusual for the flexcables to work themselves loose from the motherboard over time. Check this first...THEN
Get a "known good" flex cable & plug it into your monitor...if it works youve found the problem= cable. If it doesn't work youve also found the problem = LCD screen :(
Hope this helps :)

was there any solution?

Good evening All,
I had a similar issue with my Dell Inspiron 8100. The external display was normal while the LCD display resembled 256 color mode.
After hours with Dell tech, I referenced this site, opened the notebook flat, un-snapped the trim-cover between the hinge and keyboard, and carefully re-seated the display ribbon-cable. My LCD display is now operating perfectly.
Many thanks to daniweb, J.S.

BUMP, any ideas people? I bought a new laptop instead of fixing the problem, but still have the problem on the old one and want to see if someone has any other ideas than resetting the flex cable.

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