I replaced the cmos battery a few days ago, and now the laptop won't boot. The power comes on, the USB ports get power (mouse lit up), fan starts, HD starts for a few secs, then stops, screen stays blank. There are no beeps.

I have an averatec 6115. I don't know the motherboard type and I've searched for some info, but nothing came up. I have 512MB, 80Gb HD, Sempron 3100, SISM760 on board GFX.

I have looked for a jumper switch, NONE.

I have checked the battery voltage. OK (3V)

I have taken the battery out for 30 mins, and tried putting it back in. DIDN'T WORK.

I am lost on what to do. Can I make a boot CD and boot into BIOS or DOS to change settings? Will that help if I can? Is there anything else I can do? PLease help. Thanks

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By any chance did you save your old battery?

Please tell me you didnt put the battery in the wrong way? (if so you might have killed your pc)

No, I didn't put the battery in the wrong way, and I tried putting the old battery back in and that didn't work either. I also tried turning it on without the battery and it does the same thing. I am completely lost. Any suggestions?

Remove and install again the memory sticks.

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