Before i post this message , i read and i try all the answers everybody give.And my problem is still there.
My problems

My internet is very slow.And after a one or two site in ie , i receive a error message "page not found".So i need to deconnect and reconnect my modem and refresh the page.

I try to re-install windows.And the problem is not fix.I change my hard drive and re-install my windows and the problem is not fix :evil:

I have windows xp.

Help me please

scan your computer with hijackthis. Then post your log here. Someone here could help you with a better solution. :)

Windows is not the problem more than anything the problem is with your modem. What type do you have if it is 56k and built into the computer then try updating the drivers or reinstalling them. If you have a dsl or cable modem then do the same things. Also if you have a connection from a dsl/cable modem with usb you might want to switch to ethernet i have found that in my experience usb looses its connection a lot.
If the problem is really with IE then read this
Even though you think that this problem is spyware related it probably isn't.