Hi, I am new here and hope I have come to the right place and that someone can help me.

Recently, I found hidden logs and keystroke logs on my computer and also the program SpyAgent4. I know my "trusting" hubby put it there. I removed it, but I can't help but feel that he's put something else there where I can't find it, as he knows I found the other stuff (he knew I found it because it was in the logs, then he accused ME of putting it there!) I think he was also getting logs in his email, too. He has also gotten into various email accounts of mine, to which he has admitted to -- to an extent. He told me he didn't go directly into my emails, but rather "intercepted" them. ??? How could he do that? And if he has put something else on my pc, how can I find out and where can I look? I know he won't hide things in the hidden files again, as he knows I know to look there. This is upsetting me and I need to know how to find this stuff out.

ANY help would be much, much appreciated!

I'm not quite sure what to say to this, and I don't want to put my foot in my mouth, so I won't make any general observations on the situation here.

I will say that you could probably figure out what is loaded in your PC, but it sounds like he knows his stuff, so nothing you do will last, he'll come up with some other way to monitor you. Your best bet would be a second completely password protected/encrypted machine like some of the Laptops out there, and don't give him the password. (But I'm sure that won't go over real big with him).

Maybe some of the others here will have more to say on this issue, I'd be curious to know what everyone else thinks of all this.

I am not going to advise as to the social political situation this is. Yes I am. This
is a big steamy pile of over-ripe kimchi dookie. Humans cant avoid temptation
and have frail little minds that revolve around self-preservation and faith.
The he/she finger pointing crap is so second grade. If you want to know what's
running on your rig you can look at existing processes and go from
there. Trust is something you must work at. He could be watching this right now
via SMS or BO2K or the like... no intercept required, just screen capture and
watch from afar.

If you wanna mess with him just hit some singles chats and all will fall apart very
nicely as it is destined. Therapy along with massive amounts of medications
should have you both well on your way in no time.

I cant believe folks actually fight over this crap.

[man am i in a good mood or what? beer and cake for breakfast ne1?]

Interesting domestic version of cat and mouse if i do say so myself Idaho.. :(

Whilst I would certainly not use the type of terminology in the previous post, i'd certainly have to agree with the basic thrust of it.

When a relationship has broken down to the extent that husband and/or wife are playing 'spy games' and using surveillance techniques on each other, then no amount of technological repsonses will be of any worthwhile assistance. You have a problem and it's not a computer-related one. Please seek help!

I'd encourage you to read this recent article of mine, which addresses a different domestic issue related to parent and child. Perhaps by looking at the problem of someone else you might be able to get a glimpse of what is really confronting yourself. Your situation begs for counselling, not for computer assistance.

Edit: Please note. That is a personal response, not any 'official' stance of DaniWeb, and perhaps Dani would be rather shocked to see me express it. But in all sincerity I could not bring my self to offer a different viewpoint. Displaying such a lack of trust in one's partner is horrible!

ummm.. eh yeah.. eh :o what he said


ANY help would be much, much appreciated!

I would go along with the jest of the previous posts and recommend some
marital counseling. Good luck -- however it turns out.

I can assure you that my comments were in no way whatsoever a 'jest'.

They were sincere.

My bad, sorry. "Jest" was the wrong word to use, though my mind is blank as to what word I had intended; the best I can come up with is "jest" should have been more along the lines of "essence." I read your article Terry and thought it was well written and appropriate to this situation.

I think he meant *gist.*

I think he meant *gist.*

YES! That's it! Exactly! Thanks Crunchie, glad someone can read my mind since I can't always seem to. I have a photographic memory, I just keep losing the film, lol.

Thank you Idaho, for your reply and thank you also for not being patronizing. As for the other replies, I did not ask for marital advice or your opinions. If I had wanted that I would have gone to a different message board--I was asking a technical question so if you couldn't give me a technical answer, your replies have not served me. But for your information, my hubby and I are in fact in counselling and this subject has been brought up to my counselor; which is why I was in need of knowing if there was more spyware installed on my computer, so I could share this info with her. I am not the one playing games with my husband, seems he is playing with me and invading my privacy and I was merely asking if there was a way I could find out for sure.

Ah! I should have twigged to that, now that I look at it. :D

Edit: To the 'gist' bit that was.

Mystic1, I'm sorry to have offended you, and I wish you well with your counselling. Sincerely.

Cat, apology accepted and thanks for your well-wishes

I would think something would pop up in a Hijackthis log, I can't swear to it, but if you post up a hijackthis log, I'm sure we'd all take a good hard look at it for you to see if we spot anything suspicious.

I'm no expert in this security stuff, but some of the guys here really know there stuff.

Try downloading a copy of hijackthis from the link I'll put below, save it in it's own folder on your C: drive, and run it, save the log, and paste it into a reply in this forum, and let's see what we can see.


You can find a link to download Hijackthis in the first message in the above thread.

Take care.

He told me he didn't go directly into my emails, but rather "intercepted" them. ??? How could he do that?

The only way he could do that that I'm aware of, is with your password -- which he probably got with the keystroke logger program you said you found. To prevent it, from another computer (not your home computer)change your password and don't write it down where it could be found by someone (on paper or on a computer). Don't use your home computer to log into your email account until you're sure the key logger is gone; go to the library, work, or wherever else.

Hope you can get this mess sorted out, sounds ugly.

thanks for your replies.. I am going to try to do the Hijack this thingy as soon as I get a chance (or rather, privacy)... hard to do. =/

Ok I am new to this site and I only signed up after reading this question, I am not an expert but here is some things you can try out that might help. If you are running windows (click on the start menu and click run) type in the search querry (MSconfig) when the msconfig window pops up click the startup tab, on the start up tab at the bottom you should see two buttons one says: disable all and the other says enable all click the button that says disable all and then click apply and ok. This will restart the computer but should stop any programs that were installed on the computer from starting up and should give you enough time to change your password without him knowing it. If that doesn't work you can try some accesskeys to see if a password box or a login box appears to find out if he has anything installed on there.
Accesskeys are usually(ctrl+alt+number keys ) but they can also be (ctrl+alt+any key on the keyboard). I hope this helps you some.

Hmm, seeing that this thread is over two years old. I am sure that this problem has been resolved.

Do not bump old threads.

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