I have been playing this online game called Runescape for a year now. All was good until a couple of months ago. The computer started to restart each and every time I played Runescape, and I don't know what to do about it. People suggested different things and I have done a Virus Scan (found nothing) and Updating the Computer. Still the computer continues to restart on me about 30 minutes of game play, and I am not sure what to do anymore. Please let me know anything I could do to stop this problem.

Also I don't get a message, the computer just restarts on its own.

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there are 2 main possiblities here

- Software - Is there any warning like a countdown box or a error message? if yes then you have a problem with either the game or your operating system

if there isnt a error box:

then your problem could be hardware alot of the time when these errors occur with game play its due to the computer producing to much heat and shuting off to prevent damage.


Sounds like an over heating issue. You should check your thermal grease on your processor. I have found that it sometimes dries out and if you remove and reapply it might fix it.


If you are able to stop the machine from rebooting, you ought to be able to get more info on the nature of the problem.

RightClick My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Startup & Recovery and look under "System Failure" and UNCHECK the box to "Automatically Restart."
Be sure any other boxes pertaining to the writing of the reports are checked.

The next time the problem occurs you will get the BSOD - but there ought to be a message and an error code that you can research.

Best Luck :)

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