being a PC novice and new here, first thing I need to admit is that I started wrong foot... googled that someone else had a similar problem and copied the solution that was provided from MoralTerror... learned only afterwards that this is not the way things get handled, so I apologize!

To bring things back on track in a proper way:
How do I un-install ComboFix from Vista? When starting, the program is does not give me any prompt to accept any terms, and there also seems to be no prompt in Vista to tell him to un-install. I hesitate to simply delete it...

Thanks... CB

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Hi cb63303

The prompt to agree when you run ComboFix looks like

You should also hear your system beep a couple of short beeps when this screen is displayed. Clicking No will uninstall ComboFix.

If you still don't see that screen, then click Start and in the Search box typeCommand. At the top of your Start Menu in the Search Results you should see Command Prompt appear, click on that then type in the Command window ComboFix /u

Does this help?

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