My homepage is google.com. When I start my IE7 this morning,
the google LOGO can not be displayed.
When I open
IE shows "Internet Explorer can not display the page".

This is really freaking me out. I was thinking I found something big that google gets some technical problem! But when I tried using my firefox, google logo is displayed correctly.......................................

This is really weird.

Anyone can tell me what is going on here? I am still displaying a google homepage without logo................
Other site images are ok. Google homepage is the exception!!!

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LOL. I just solved my prolbem:
Delete all caching files and I am fine.


Welcome to Daniweb! I do not know if you read all the rules yet but one of them asks you to mark your thread as solved when it has been, like this one. That way we don't read a whole thread (thankfully this one was short) and realize the problem has been solved. Thank You. :)

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