I may just be stupid, but I really don't know where to begin to get all of this stuff off of my pc, I know that there is something in the system 32 file that AVG catches sometimes, and other times doesn't. It won't allow me to fix it, or give me any help. I also have the rundll32 problems that i see posted, and spyware on this thing. Please send me info on the best way to diagnose what is in here, and how to get it out... Thanks, Tom

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If you haven't done so already, scan with Adaware and Spybot and let them fix what they find. You might also want to download HijackThis, make sure it is updated to the newest version which is 1.98.2, and scan and post the results of the log here. Don't attempt to fix anything yet, because most of what is in the log is needed. But if you have spyware, one of the experts will be able to point it out to you and help you get it fixed. :) Scanning with Adaware and Spybot is a good start though. Good luck!

Adaware: http://www.computercops.biz/dowloads-file-292.html
Spybot: http://www.computercops.biz/zx/phoenix22/spybotsd13.zip

Check for updates on both once you have them downloaded.

HijackThis: http://www.computercops.biz/zx/merjin/hijackthis.zip

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Good advice! -- dlh

I have the same problem but when I open up any program it says that it has performed and illegel operation and will be shut down but it still runs somewhat. Can you help???? :sad:

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