unstoppable scrolling through all entries , please help!
My problem on laptop -after working a while and then sitting still without input then commencing mouse or touchpad input --out of nowhere the symptom starts Namely : whenever a menu/folder is opened there is mad scrolling through all the entries which you can't stop. can't run anything effectively without restarting the computer each time . After restart all goes well for quite awhile --then boom the same scenario.

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Normal [or standard] mode. It matters, cos more malware shows then.
Btw, is that one of those metal scrollpads you just rub your finger on? I have heard of them suffering hardware or pad driver errors which cause that very problem...


Have not heard of that yet , "metal scrollpads you just rub your finger on' Unless you refer to a typical "TouchPad as incorporated in most notebooks today . (mine is Toshiba Sattelite Notebook ) WinXPPro and I also use a trackball. No problems for ages, this just started which is why I suspect one of the virus or trojan attacks. Thanks for your attention to my delemna. By the way , I have cut down on haveing the scroll problem by puttint the laptop into standby whenever I leave it , even for a short breack in atual work on it.

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