hi every one,
i need a help to protect my pc from malware.
iam using avast home edition(antivirus) to protect my pc.
Two days back i found a new version of avast and i downloaded that latest version and then when i clicked on setup it asked to uninstall my previous version of the avast.

When iam Clicking on uninstall my system is just restarting.. i tried many times.

System is restarting only when i click on uninstall of avast..

When i tried to boot my pc in SAFE MODE.. it just again restarting..

in remaining all other cases my system i working perfectly.....
and one more thing. my anti virus is not uninstalled and from the day i tried to install latest version, my anti virus stoped working...

What might be the problem for my pc. does any malware ruling it. if so how can i over come this problemm

Waiting for the good result...

Thanku in advance..

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When uninstalling Avast, as with many other program uninstalls, the computer MUST restart in order to complete the Uninstall. If it doesn't then the uninstall will not complete.
Try going through Add/Remove and see if Avast remains there, if so try the Uninstall there. ALLOW the computer to reboot. If this doesn't work then Avast does have an Uninstall Tool to try found HERE
Once it is uninstalled then install the new version.


hello sir. thanku for ur response.....
my system not getting restarted. its directly shutting down like some power failure. without saving any documentss etc.

And thanku for sending the link of uninstall tool, which can work perfectly when iam in safe mode... but i mensioned my system not letting me to go to safe mode.

When iam selecting safe mode my pc again restarting.

restarting(power off) happen only in two cases.
1.When i click on uninstall of avast.
2.When i run my pc on safe mode.

thats it...

if any more sollutions plz reply me sir.

Thanking u for ur intrest

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