Panda antivirus has detected a hacking tool named "rootkit/autorun.gen" at my pc. I had deleted this file or program several times but the problem exist. Can any one please let me know abt its removel patch?

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Hi, welcome to daniweb.
You cannot just "delete" a rootkit or even most viruses or trojans, you must use specialized tools in order to do so.
Begin this by going HERE
Follow all the steps given. Pay close attention to the instructions and follow each to the letter. If you are told to have the tool REMOVE what it finds, please do so. Run each program noted WITH THE EXCEPTION OF DSS (Deckard System Scanner) which is NOT AVAILABLE at this time. Run instead HiJackThis on a Full System Scan, saving the log, as you should also do with all the other programs you are instructed to do.
Post back here with ALL of those logs and we will go from there.

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