What firewall I installed I never installed a firewall...

Sorry about that must have been thinking of another thread, I apologize.
Try this, it worked on another computer I worked with earlier at another forum hopefully it will work for you.
Go to Start, Run, msconfig, Startup Tab. Take the check marks out of EVERYTHING there except your anti-virus program. Then shut down the computer, don't just reboot, turn it off completely.
Then reboot, you will get a message saying you are using a Selective Start up, this is ok DON'T tell it to re-enable anything.
Now try to download and run SDFix
SDFix Instructions:

1. Please print these instructions as they will be needed later when Internet access is not available.
2. Logon to your computer with an account that has Administrator privileges.
3. Download SDFix.exe from the following link and save it to your desktop:

SDFix Download Link

Confirm that the file SDFix.exe now resides on your desktop.

1. Now, double-click on the SDFix icon that should now be residing on your desktop. If a Open File - Security Warning box opens, click on the Run button.
2. A window will open asking where you would like to install SDFix to.

Do not change anything and press the Install button. This will install the program into the default location of C:\SDFix. At this point, you should not run SDFix, but instead continue to the next step where you will reboot into safe mode.

1. Next, please reboot your computer into Safe Mode by doing the following:
1. Restart your computer
2. After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, press F8.
3. Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu should appear
4. Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode.
5. When you are at the logon prompt, log in as the same user that you had performed the previous steps as.
2. When your computer has started in safe mode, and you see the desktop, close all open Windows.
3. Click on the Start button, click on the Run menu option, and type the following into the Open: field:


Then press the OK button.

The SDFix window will open containing some brief info and a disclaimer on the use of the tool.
If you want to continue, please press the Y key on your keyboard and then press enter. Otherwise, you can press the N key to exit the program.

SDFix will now start scanning your computer for known infections.
This process can take a while, so you may want to do something else and periodically check back on the status of SDFix. As the scanning process continues you will continue to see new messages on the screen.
When the scanning process has finished you will see a new screen stating that you need to restart your computer in order to continue.
At this point you should press any key on your computer's keyboard in order to restart the computer.

When your computer reboots, you will be presented with a screen stating that SDFix has finished.
At this point you should press any key on your computer's keyboard in order to continue to your desktop.

When you are back at your Windows desktop, the SDFix log will automatically be opened in notepad.
Copy/Paste that log back here.

Download SafeBootKeyRepair.exe by sUBs and save it to your desktop.

Double-click SafeBootKeyRepair.exe to run it. Follow any prompts that may appear then post the log it produces.

Whose instructions should I follow first???

Do I need to follow crunchies to reboot into safe mode?

Or will the start up boxes judy talks about fix by safe mode problem?

A/ Still can't reboot in safe mode

B/ Safebootkeyrepair doesn't seem to do anything...

Follow Judy's instructions :)

Alright tried that but when I try to reboot in safe mode computer just stops whilst trying to do so and reboots, so it appears I can't reboot in safe mode?

Ok, then try this;
Start, Run, Msconfig. On that General Tab place a tick in Diagnostic Start Up, Click Apply.
Then try again to see if you can boot all the way into Safe Mode.
It this works then go back in and place that tick back into Selective Start Up, Click Apply and then reboot to normal mode and come back and report what happened.
This could be a trial and error process here but if this first step works then I will have another step, I just don't want to try too much before "weeding" out something.

Didn't work....and now windows keeps telling me to activate it, and when i try online it says it can't connect????

But back to the original problem that step didn't work next one

Didn't work....and now windows keeps telling me to activate it, and when i try online it says it can't connect????

But back to the original problem that step didn't work next one

Activate what? When you try what online?

windows keeps telling me to activate it!!!!,Activate Wht you say ,
Windows , figure that one out !!! some did a windows repair install!!?????????????/

Yeah reactivate windows, it took a while to convince the computer it was online so it could activate.....

So back to the problem at hand I couldn't reboot in safe mode using your instructions...so next step please?

Did you do a Repair install? I don't know why you would need to reactivate Windows unless you had.

No I didn't I just did what you said change the setting to Diagnostic setup, and it did that....

What does that mean?
But it didn't help reboot in safe mode

Honestly Azzy I have no more solutions or options to offer. This has gone on for 8 days, and as far as I can see all accepted remedies have been tried. Unless somebody else can step in here with another suggestion the only one now I can give is reformat, and that is one I always try to avoid at all costs but I have no other suggestion. There are obviously some key system files which are damaged. If you can back up important items you want to save and by this I mean personal items...family pictures and documents...then I have to say reformat. I am truly sorry but I can't think of or find anything else to try.

Thanks for your help Judy

No one else got suggestions??

Maybe how to let me reboot in safe mode??

No one else got suggestions??

Hi I do ,the other day i have a customers computer with a pile of nasty on it ,i fixed and had it back to them in 2 hrs .
What i did ! save personal data , stuck the winxp cd in the drive and rebooted ,deleted partition ,created a new partition,formatted it, and installed winxp ,and put the personal file back and protection programs on ,and gave it back to customer ,just over 2 hrs ,not 8 dys ,sometimes you just goots give up!
Good luck

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