As I'm curious to know a instant messaging software for Government collaborations. When I was browsing for a knid of that software I found Troop Messenger though it's not a government app but it's providing messaging services for different platforms like political campaign software, chat api, on-premise and many more.
So, it there any kind of apps that do provide collaboration services exclusively for Government. Kindly suggest.

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While I questioned their choice, when my wife worked for such they used Zoom. Both for the rather famous calling but also the Zoom Chat feature.

Slack, perhaps?

commented: They used Slack too. Thank you as I forgot about that one. The software group is using a lot of Azure services now. +16

My fiancé uses Slack for engineering work at Apple, and Apple is super duper secretive. They wouldn’t use Slack if they didn’t trust it.

Having been involved with multiple government agencies and departments over the years, I've more than a bit of insight into what they need.

  1. good support from an external party handling the servers
  2. excellent security
  3. guarantees that no data will be stored or handled by computers in other countries
  4. integration with their existing IT architecture

What this comes down to is that the solution chosen will usually be something like MS Teams or Citrix.
Zoom should NEVER be used by anyone as it's horribly insecure. Slack is good, don't get me wrong (we use it extensively where I work at the moment) but the company behind it simply doesn't have the resources to meet all the above requirements.
Zulip is as bad as Zoom.
Skype falls apart when it comes to requirement #3, plus it doesn't really work well for meetings with large numbers of people.
Discord falls apart when it comes to #3 as well, and with the reputation it's "for gamers" won't appeal to managers, no matter how good it is in general.

commented: I did wince when I saw they use Zoom. +16
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