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This question should be put to Nero Burning. I tried to join their forum but couldn't due to a domain error I didn't understand. I want to burn a Windows10 ISO image to a dual layer DVD disk. Hope you can help.


My question is:

I have never used dual layer DVD disks. My understanding is that there are two types, one with a burning surface on either side, and one with 2 burning surfaces/layers on one side. I have ordered some blank DVDs with 2 burning surfaces on one side.

I installed Nero Info Tool and checked the abilities of my optical drives to burn dual layer disks. The results show that they can burn them. But, how will know if they will burn one type or the other or both?

Thank you

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For me I look up that information for my DVDRW drive. As to software I found such to be unreliable at times so I check my hardware (the drive) capability by checking it's specifications (again, done by reading the spec sheet and not with software.)

I also use IMGBURN to make such media.

HOWEVER SINCE YOU MENTION Windows 10 ISO, why didn't you let the Microsoft Media Creation Kit create this disc? I run into folk that download the ISO and then they descend into hell over trying to make the bootable USB or DVD. Very odd since later they meet with me, I run up the media creation kit and it's done. And yes, they want me to fix their Nero or whatever which is something I never do. I like to make the media the easy way or with IMGBURN then move on. Some owners get fixated with Nero and get burned.

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I have used Media Creation Tool to get the image onto a thumb drive. And I have used Rufus. I prefer Rufus. I have used IMGBurn for other things and it should do well here. I don't use Nero at all. Just the info tool I mentioned.

Which software I use is not the issue. I have made successfull bootable Windows 10 Pro installation on both thumb drives and SD cards

I tried to reinstall Window 10 Home on a computer and was notified this version of Win10 could not be installed via USB. The error stated that it was something MS was working on and hoped to resolve shortly.

That's why I decided to try the installlation with a DVD disk. But I'm thinking it would take too much compression to get all that data on one regular DVD disk. That's the reason for questions about dual layer disks. I do have one fairly new optical drive by Sony. It should handle both types of dual layer DVDS. I'll take your advice and check the specs on it.


I ran into a few that are trying to compress the W10 ISO onto DVD and they ended up burning up a box of DVD media. I pulled out my old USB DVDRW, slipped in a blank DVD DL (recordable) and used the Microsoft Media Creation Kit to make one DL DVD. Then I used IMGBURN to create the next disc.

For reasons I can't fathom they wanted me to fix their CD/DVD burning software. Which is something I can't address since almost all of these are not open source so we can't fix them.

If you did want to do a clean install of W10 I'd start with a blank no-partition HDD or SSD and only boot to the new W10 install USB. If you have external USB drives or more drives then I've seen the W10 cough up a can't install message. But so far with a plain PC say with a single blank HDD/SSD and my bootable (even the latest) it just works fine.

Now there are instances where another issue pops up with outdated BIOS but that's something you fix before you start.

PS. Adding with edit. Always unplug USB devices and extra drives unless you want to experience why I write this.

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I have a feeling things will go smoothly. I'm just anxious to see if the Home version on DVD will install as I was unable to do so via USB.


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