Hi everyone, I'm experiencing some very frustrating problems with my computer, and was wondering if anyone might have an idea what's going on.

Right, it all started a week or so ago. I used the computer first thing in the morning before I went to work - fine. No problems at all. Then, when I got back from work in the evening, the computer froze on the Windows loading screen. I restarted and got the black screen saying 'Windows could not be loaded due to a recent hardware or software change....' blah blah blah. I knew it couldn't possibley be a hardware problem since I hadn't touched the inside. So I decided to reformat the hard drive to eliminate the problem.

I did that, and got up and running again. I installed all my usual programs/drivers I use and awaited for Windows to finish installing it's downloaded update. Back on track, right? Wrong! I restarted after the install, and I got the black screen again. I selected 'last settings which worked', and I got into Windows. As soon as I logged into my account, the whole thing froze.

What is going on?! :cry: I'm thinking that there must be some sort of problem occuring shortly after connecting to the internet, perhaps a program. But I'm not downloading anything that I haven't used in the past, so I'm totally confused :sad:

Any help would be VERY greatly appreciated.

If you reformated absoultly everything then its not a virus it probly more serious did you keep any personal documents?

I didn't keep anything, I formatted the whole drive. The only thing it could be if it was a software problem would have to be something from the internet, but as I said, I'm not downloading anything I don't normally use.

well then its probly a serious issue my friend of my had to get a new hard drive but im not possitive you might wanna take it into a computer doc

Well if its a black screen when you boot up its probably a boot sector virus, many antivirii
do not check the boot sector.

How can I check the boot sector?

Another thing I should point out: I CAN log into safe mode when this is happening. That happens with no problems.

I've also just tried reformatting AGAIN, and this time it won't let me into Windows at all (apart from safe mode). Something very strange going on here... does this sound like a boot sector problem?

I don't know how to check the boot sector, but I have a couple of other suggestions.
Have you tried running ScanDisk?
Did you install your motherboard drivers after you formatted?

From what you tell me this is probably a virus itself.
most viruses get removed when you format but some like boot sector viruses and some other very dirty viruses dont let you format them
they move to a drive and when you format it it formats another drive but you think you have formatted the correct drive.
i suggest not only format but remove partition also and repartition your hard disk.
If this also does not work then you can check for more serious problem
If you have any other windows like windows ME etc then you can install it another drive make it dual booting go to the new windows and then back up your work data etc before continuing

Yes repartitioning the system will do the trick. Do you know how?

Y'know.... I don't actually :) But if you think it will work then I will most definately try it, and will grant my Wookie solumn life-debt to you if it does.

Wookie. I love starwar's lol (=

Ok you're not going to believe this... I removed the partition and created a new one, reformatted it, I've come to install Windows XP and it crashes everytime at the same point. Whenever I get to the third point 'Installing Windows', it always freezes with 35 minutes to go. So now I can't even install it :cry:

you know it may be a harddrive error. Sectors could be permenently damaged. Look for buying a new hdd, there cheaper then they once were.

I think that may be the best idea. This really isn't worth the hassle. I've seen excellent deals on hard drives, so £40-£50 should get me back on track.

Thanks for all your help guys, looks like I was in too deep right from the start.

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