I bought a anti virus program because my comp. is jacked up and it will not let me download it. I have xp. I can't figure out how to get it in safe mode. ( i was hoping i could do it on that.) I don't know how to get it to let me download it. Any help? PlEaSe!!


To get into safe mode, reboot and while the computer is going through the first screens (before windows starts activating), keep pressing F8. that should open up a screen with several options for starting--one of them is "safe mode".
Tip. when shutting off, unplug the computer from the power supply for about 15-20 seconds. This clears out some residual items saved in memory even after shutting down.

Since you purchased this program online, and need to download it, then boot to Safe Mode with Networking, not just Safe Mode. Safe Mode alone won't let you online but Safe Mode with Networking will. The procedures described in the posts above are the same but when you see the choices choose Safe Mode with Networking, it is one of the choices you will be offered.
What program did you purchase? There are several excellent FREE anti-virus program available for download.