I may've picked up some adware/spyware on my internet trollings, every google search redirects to some random site (no porn yet). My browser has also been slowed down significantly, the virus generated a svchost.exe process in system32/drivers, I was able to delete and quit the process, but the google redirects and slowness continues to occur. I've run both McAfee and Ad-Adware 2008 without success. The virus seems to block known antivirus websites, as I cannot visit Trend Micro, or Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware websites, as well as others.


I've been reading through a similar thread and it seems a few others are having the same problem (go.google.com), and no solution has been posted yet..

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Hi welcome to daniweb,
Download HostsXpert and install it. Have it reset to the original M$ Hosts list.
Then try to download MBA-M from HERE or HERE
Install and then UPDATE it. Then run A FULL SYSTEM scan with it. When it completes and gives you the list of items found be sure that ALL have check marks next to the and then click REMOVE SELECTED
Reboot the computer.
Download HiJackThis.
Run a Full System scan with it and save the log.
Post back here with both log.

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