Alright so my brother got a new computer for christmas, and i removed all the useless software, put some CCcleaner, and AVG on there for him, and somehow hes managed to completely wreck this thing, hes got it loaded with a bunch of virus' and trojans and all kinds of good stuff, and its gotten to where he cant connect to the internet.

I read a thread where someone walked someone through how to delete the files using hijack this or whatever its called, some help would be great!

AVG cant update because of the problems, i cant download any types of anti spyware or nothing.. i can use thumb drives though to transfer, please help!

Hi and welcome to Daniweb forums :).

Try this;

Open Device Manager and on the VIEW Tab, select the Show hidden
Go down to non plug and play drivers and see if there is one called
TDSSserv and disable it.


Reboot and try to download now. There is a sticky at the head of this forum with links and instructions for Malwarebytes anti-malware and hijackthis. Please follow them.