I went to the Symantec website and ran the free virus scan and it found 2 viruses they are.....

C:\Windows\zoneupdate.exe....says it is a trojan
C:\windows\system32\wpc.exe....says this one is backdoor.hackerarmy

now I went to the place on the symantec website that tells you how to get ride off the viruses but it totally buggered up my computer when I did what it said to do,I can not get into my msconfig,or regedit unless I am in safe mode(not a big deal but it is a pain in my but),my computer has not been the same since I tryed to fix these 2 viruses,any suggestions would be great.

Also while I am here I may as well ask for imput on this problem,I went out the other day and bought Norton 2005 internet security,now when I install it it slows my computer way down to being slower than a snail,and when I try to open it up to do anything with it,it just freezes on the screen and all I get is the outline off the program,and the only way I can get out of it is to hit CTRL-ALT-DEL,I have nooooo idea why it is doing this,I even took it to work to see if it would work on that computer and it did the same thing,but when I took it to my buddys house and tried it there it worked fine,any suggestions as to why this maybe happening????

Ally :)

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not knowing what OS ,you are using or the specs of your machine it hard to even start helping !
I do like norton and have 2005 installed but i didn't install it all just the virus scan .no slow down noticed .i install the whole thing on my daughters celeron 600,512 meg ram fresh install of winxp .next program loaded was nNorton ,which i think is the best way to install nortons securitys , no slowdown .
as for the viruses if you are using ME or XP you cold try system restore back to before your fixes .and try another remval tool.

run these free online Virus scan

Be sure to Check off Auto Fix on this site

please run this one also to be sure .


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