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Browsing through this forum today, I noticed many people have a problem with bridge.dll causing various errors in windows. So, instead of responding to every single thread, I thought I might put a solution to this dilemma in one post to streamline things a bit. So here goes.

First off, bridge.dll is spyware related. To get rid of spyware, there are handy tools that you will need.
programs to help stop Spyware
Bitdefender online virus scan
SpyBot S&D

The two most popular are Ad-aware and Spybot S&D (search and destroy). For help with setting these up refer to: How to Setup Ad-aware & Spybot

Make sure you do a detailed scan with the software and remove as much spyware as you can. This will catch the bridge.dll problem. However, this is a sticky problem and usually won't go away. Even after the scan and removal, the bridge.dll error may still pop up during boot time. If you are still receiving this error, it is due to the fact that a registry key has been added to windows by the spyware that installed itself onto your computer. So now when windows boots up, it is still looking for bridge.dll to run and can't find it because you removed it with your spyware scan!

We can get rid of this pesky error by using notepad and the registry. I'll step you through it.


Cut and paste the text above in the code box into a notepad file onto your desktop. Unsure how to get to notepad? Go to start, Run, then type 'notepad' and hit return. That will pop up a notepad window that you can cut and paste the above code into. Save it to your doesn't matter what you name it. Save the file. Now double click it and it will ask you if you want to add this value to your registry. Accept the change and reboot. Your bridge.dll problem should be history! Good Luck!

happy Spyware hunting!


Doesn't work for me. It just opens as a text document.

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dats cuz i forgot an important step :P fixed it now. Hadn't had my coffee yet :)

In the above post (which I can't edit for some reason) I forgot to explain this step:


Before double clicking the text file you have pasted the code to on the desktop...rename it. Right click on the file, choose rename, and rename it, bridge.reg (important to use .reg).

Now double click the file and accept the changes.

I would like to ask that a moderator to edit my post above to eliminate confusion.

Still opens as txt file. BTW I don't have the bridge problem, just trying your fix.

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Ok...try 'save as' and save it as bridge.reg onto the desktop. Be sure to save it with the option of 'all files' instead of saving it in text format (should be the second pull down box when the 'save as' window pops up. That should work...if it doesn't, I have no idea why. It works fine on the Win2000 pewters here. *shrug*

I had to go to Start\Programs\Accessories\Notepad paste the regedit in, name it ***.reg, save as *all files* & now it works. For some reason I couldn't change the original one I created. Shrugs.

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