Hellow, I have just got ahold of mcafee after being without a virus scanner/firewall after my norton messed up and wouldnt let me uninstall and I couldnt have both because of a conflict untill I found out the problem and got rid of norton compleetly. Well I did a virus scan and 2 trojans came up mcafee got rid of them. Then I opened up the firewall and saw "Test my firewall" and it took me to HackerWatch.com I looked at the "Top port activity" thing and


does this mean I got the virus or something?

Thanks ALOT in advance :D

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I think that's just a general anouncement from that web site saying that the most common problem is the ICMP port and Kuang2 the virus. If you have the latest versio of McAfee and the latest DAT files, you should be all right. If you want to make sure you don't have any viruses follow these steps:

Reboot in safe mode by pressing F8 when the computer is restarting.

step1: run adaware SE in my signature

step2: click start--run--type "regedit"--and check the run folders at the end of these paths for suspicious looking keys (like somethine with kuang2 in the name,etc.) if your not sure about a key type it in google to find out what it is. (don't delete anything you're not sure of)

step3: open the c:\documents and settings\(user name)\local settings(if you cant see this folder then click tools-folder options-view tab-check show hidden files [tools is at the top with "file", "edit", etc.])\temp <--clear out this folder and also the temp internet folder.

step4: open c:\program files\windows\system32 and select the view as "details" so you can see the date they were modified. Arrange them by date and look at the more recent ones for any signs of kuang2 or anything that looks like a virus or a suspicious .dll, like I said earlier if your not sure what it is type it in google.

step5: make sure you got all the windows updates, you have a up to date virus scanner, and I suggest a firewall like ZoneAlarm (pay attention you only need the free firewall) (but I think you said you already have a firewall anyway) [http://www.zonelabs.com/store/content/promotions/zap4/zap_trial.jsp]

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