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I had a look at that program and it not very good

Um... it's not a program, it's a site which offers anti-spyware recommendations and utility downloads. ;)


Actually, although there are other sites which offer much more in the way of anti-spyware advice and downloadable utility programs, the info and programs listed on that site are legit and helpful.

As teenage helper said, Ad Aware is a very good tool when it comes to spyware detection and removal. However, Ad Aware alone is not usually enough to clean out the "nasties" and keeep them out of your system in the future.

If you can give us some specific information concerning the problems you're experiencing I'm sure we can help you out.


There are a lot of "Rogue" spyware apps out there - some do much more harm than good..

Here are some of them:


Good ones:

Spyware guard
Spysweeper ($30)
MS's tool

There are probably many more - some expensive. I only use the freebies at the moment. Wish me luck.

If you DL a new app, and think you have a lot of spyware, don't update the antispyware app at first. You may have too many for your RAM to handle, as it is deleted/repaired. After running it once, then update the app, and run it again.


..and now my two bob's worth... i use AVG free, Ewido anti-spyware [also free], and Spywareblaster. The first two u have to drive manually a little because they are the free versions, but it's not a problem; the third you just manually update once a week or so. And with that combination, Adaware seldom finds a thing on my machine. Does me. For random scans i use Panda activescan [an online scan] and Blacklight beta.

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