I am having a major problem with my desktop computer and could really use some help. So heres the story. Last night I was on my computer when a McAffee popup came up and it said that McAffee had detected a virus on my computer. And then an Ad-aware popup came up saying that it had detected a virus on my computer. So I ran a McAffee full system scan and that turned up clean. Then I ran an Ad-aware full system scan and that too turned up clean. Satisfied that there was no real immediate risk to my computer I shut it off and went to bed. Then this morning I turned it on and clicked on my profile account. But when it loaded, instead of my normal wallpaper, it was a black background with a flashing warning message in the middle. It read, “WARNING: Your computer has been infected with trojan horse, Passcapture, and etc. Any private information on your computer may be distributed to third parties. We recommend you use an anti-spyware program and clean your computer.” Just as I finished reading the warning message, 12 internet browsers opened up. Each one was a website for a random, off-brand, anti-spyware program wanting you to buy their product. I closed all the windows and started another McAffee full system scan. But just as it was starting, it terminated itself. So I tried to start it again, but the scan just stopped itself like before. I tried 3 more times but all of them stopped like the first one. Giving up on McAffee, I moved to Ad-aware Anniversary Edition, and ran its full system scan. During the entire process of the scan, My Documents kept opening itself every couple minutes. Thinking it was the virus(or whatever was on my computer) trying to get at my personal files, I would just close My Documents as soon as it opened. The scan finished, and Ad-aware had found 159 objects on my computer. I chose the remove all option, and Ad-aware removed the first half of objects, but required me to reboot the computer to finish the removal of the second half. So I went ahead and restarted my computer. When it finished booting up I clicked on my profile account. It started to load like normal, saying “Logging on”, “Loading Your Personal Settings”, and just as my desktop appeared it went back to the loading screen saying “Logging off”, “Saving Your Personal Settings”. I tried several more times to load my profile account but each time it would instantly log me off. So then I tried the other accounts on the computer, but those too would log you off instantly. So I rebooted the computer in Safe-Mode. I then tried to log on to all of the accounts on the computer, but it was still logging me off as soon as I logged on. So now I really need some help. Now I can’t even get on to my own computer, (I am writing this on my sisters laptop) and I have no idea on how to proceed in fixing this problem. So any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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