Hello everyone! :)

I've had this problem for over a year now, and for some weird reason I just adapted to it instead of trying to solve it. Anyway, here's how it goes.

Whenever my network is enabled, i cannot double-click or right-click any file, because it makes the computer hang. The file opens after 30 seconds or so, but during this period I can't do anything else. This does not apply to folders, and shortcuts, and exe files. From my observations, the freezing happens only when the file has a program associated with it. Weirdly, the computer works just fine when the network icon is disabled... there is no freezing of any sort in that case.

I've been looking for solutions for a couple of days and can't find anything. I thought it would be a contextmenuhandler, but i got nirsoft and went crazy disabling and enabling, haha, but that didn't help either.

I found this thread :

..... but that didn't help either.

I'm really exhausted because I've waged war on this annoying bug and I can't solve it. And I've searched on forums all over the internet, and people have given up on it, either the original poster or the problem-solvers.

Any ideas? Thank you.

p.s. I think the problem may be related to the old network hub/workgroup this laptop was connected to... I think this mess began when I messed around with file sharing, but I couldn't be too sure. Thanks again.

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The thread you found here is about 4 1/2 years old, so frankly think you should move forward.
How about beginning with a full system scan with HiJackThis. Do that and copy/paste the log back here. Maybe something will stand out...what other steps have you taken?


Why not get Process Monitor from Winternals? Start a capture session, dclick a file, and then sort through the events with the filters. The event times might be enlightening.

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