I was recently advised by my web based email client that my username and password had been stolen and were being used for spamming. From the logs it appeared that the spamming came from Nigeria. They stated it was probably a key logger. I have not accessed my email account on a public terminal for over a year.

My email client password has been changed.

My computer has definitely slowed down and I am having a lot of problems with Firfox 3.0.11. I am getting a lot of “Address Not Found” and “ Firefox cannot find the server at….URL…..Try Again” Sometimes the “Try Again” works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Would anti-key logger software help me in this situation bearing in mind that I cannot tell if my computer is clean or not. Have I got problems using payment processors such as Clickbank and PayPal?

I assume a reinstall of my OS would be of no use as the key logger would already have my computer identity.

Anyone got any ideas please?

Thank you
Joe Watson

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Have you ever placed your email account into a public webpage, such as a site like this, or used it to fill out an application for something? If so it can be found by special bots which trawl webpages looking solely for email addresses [the @ gives them away...].
If you have a keylogger on board then your details are all gone.... using secure sites like Paypal is not a defence. Here is a detector... I don't know how good it is... http://dewasoft.com/privacy/kldetector.htm
If your email addy is being used, but not your bank account, I would not suspect a keylogger. Heck, if I had your em addy and bank account details, do you think I would just be an email pest? Ok, I think I am honest, but he's not...
Citibank uses a movable [and changing] keyboard picture on your desktop for you to input your password by mouse click - beats keyloggers and screen captures.


Hello gerbil

Downloaded and tried the software and got a clean report. Have not used my online bank account since the problem surfaced. Keylogger could be waiting eh?

My real worry is if I change all my passwords, is the keylogger still there and if so, the changes will also be logged!

It's a bit of a dilemma to say the least.


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