Hey folks.. I wasny paying attition and i did a microsoft spyware scan and deleted 2 threats.. both where newdot stuff.. now when i restart my comp i get a message the it cany find newdot.dll ect ect files. then it cant load up mt anti-virus and other programs.. then gives me the RPC failure will restart in 60 seconds signal.. i cant evem use safe mode to undo the delete i get the same message .. WHAT TO DO.. i am on another comp atm ..

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You probably need to do more to completely get rid of Newdotnet, and will most likely need LSPFix to correct some of the damage it has done.

In order to best figure out what is happening on your system, you should get HijackThis from here:

Then, close all browser windows, 'Scan and Save Log' with hijack this, copy and paste the log here in this thread.


i cant evem use safe mode to undo the delete

Ouch; that's not good.

What exact version of Windows are you using? That will determine your repair options.

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