recently i had my awsome system infected with spyware. i formated and they came back, i did again, came back. i tried making new partitions and they stay clen a little while, then come back. i htink my IP is listed and alg.exe is letting third party stuff come into my system and start its crap all over again. i think microsoft will becore suspicious again if i activate windows 5 times a week from formating. iv tried adaware, scan spyware, spy sweeper. alg.exe is ascoiated with firewalling by microsoft. some things i read its not harmful when it really is. i have spent too much time and effort building my awsome system, im not gonna get butt raped much longer by programs interfering with my work. one of my many dreams in life is putting a stop to all this **** by helping to make a law or i think we need to cut some pepoles hands off. so how exactly do i uninstall alg.exe, iv tried to delete it but it comes back. i have no clue what to do as im not as familure with XP as i would like to be. thanks all i need help BAD!

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iv fixed it, thanks to microsfot anti-spyware beta 1.

amd 3400+
asus K8N-E 800fsb, nforce3
x800 XL @ 420/1100
1gig samsung PC3500

iv fixed it, thanks to microsfot anti-spyware beta 1.

Hey, it's been awhile :)

Glad you got it cleaned up and thanks for letting us know!

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