I need some help if possible. My friend's computer has been infected with some type of virus or trojan (I think).

When I attempt to run anything in Norton Anti-virus (2004) on WinXP the NAV program simply closes down within 2-3 seconds.

I then attempted to uninstall NAV using control panel but when I click the remove button I get a message asking if I really want to exit the installation and then it shuts down. I am able to uninstall other programs OK - just NAV is the problem.

Another weird happening - internet access still works and most sites are available - but not symantec or any other Norton related site (browser closes). Even when I go to Google and type Norton as a search item the browser just closes down. Other Google searches work OK.

Seems like I have been contaminated somehow - can anyone point me in the right direction to identify the type of infrction I have and possibly the cure. Otherwise a full cean install of WinXP may be needed - trying to avoid this if I can.

Many Thanks for the help !!!

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and Get Trojan-Hunter Fully working trial! and run a full scan
To remove trojans there is a tool which needs to be downloaded and run.

1. Please download Stinger and save it to your desktop

2. Double-click on the stinger.exe file and open the tool

3. Choose your entire hard drive to scan.

4. Choose Scan Now

5. Stinger will fix anything that it finds

6. Click the File menu and select Save report to file

7. Post the log file results here in this thread.


Reboot to SAFE mode to delete files
How to start computer in safe mode

Please delete your temporary files by deleting all files and folders that are in those folders (do not delete the temp folder itself) like for example
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\
Also delete your Temporary Internet Files, be sure to also select delete all offline content.

Do a virus scan Please do an online scan, 2 would be better,

Micro World http://www.mwti.net/antivirus/free_utilities.asp
Trend Micro http://housecall.trendmicro.com/housecall/start_corp.asp

Make sure that you choose "fix" or "clean".

Download then unzip and run CWShredder to clean up clicking "FIX" to have it remove all it finds.

CWShredder available from these places :-

Or this as a full download without any unzipping required

We have found that some of the CWS infections can be removed better from safe mode, rather than normal mode.
To get to safe mode use the F8 key while booting the machine. Detailed instructions from :-
Then please do this since it’s better to use automated tools to get rid of the bad stuff use these 2 programs first before doing the final cleaning with HJT

First use Spybot S&D. (Version 1.3)
Unzip, and update. Install the updates and run. Delete all that it marks in red.

Then it’s time for Ad-Aware
Install and update by using the globe icon. Restart your computer and run Ad-Aware.
Press scan now and select drives and/or partitions to be scanned. When done select all and click next. Remove all checked items and then reboot your computer.

Please go to this page and read the instructions for how to configure Spybot S&D & Ad-Aware
How To Setup Spybot SD and Ad-Aware

If needed !!!!!!
Reboot and post a new HiJackThis log. You need an updated version of Hijackthis which you can get from HERE

Then post a HJT log as a reply to this topic.

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