I’m new at all of this so try to explain this to me easily.

Heres what happened, About 3 weeks ago I got 2 Trojan viruses and they wouldn’t let me do anything such as get on the internet or go on any of my files. I had about 3 minutes to do anything I could before the virus would kick in. So I made a guest account and the virus wouldn’t pop up then. So I thought maybe that if I just made a new admin account that the virus would go away. So I did and the virus came up on that account. I started to get mad and I got on my guest account and downloaded windows defender. It said there were 2 viruses.

I tried to delete them but, I couldn’t for some reason. So I went online and got to this site were you could type in an .exe file and it would search for you. I did that and found this site were it said what files in the registry would be the viruses. I deleted them and I must have deleted something wrong. The viruses stopped coming up but, they were still on my computer till today.

I ran some good virus scanners and it found them. I got rid of them hoping that the Hardware Interrupts would go away but, it’s still showing up. I was wrong and it's still on the computer.When I kill the process it won't let me.If I could get some help on this I would Be really thankful.

The Attached Image is a pic of what its showing when i try to kill the process

You haven't given us much information really, we don't know what operating system you are using, what anti-virus program you are using, the names of these infections or their locations on the computer.
Since we don't know what was found, what files you removed or where you uploaded these files for identification we cannot give you many answers at this point. Just stopping processes from running will not remove an infection, just as creating a new account will not remove an infection, the infection is on the computer itself not just on a user account.

Please follow the instructions HERE and then post back with all of the requested information and logs of completed scans.

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