I have a virus and spyware on my computer that im having trouble getting rid of. The problem is, i can't download ANYTHING, so that means there is no possible way to download any new spyware/adware or virus programs. I can only use the ones that i have now.


even though it was just a font download, i can't download anything still! I can't even view sites that use flash /:

DMVlite, it says i need to go to it's website to uninstall it. the problem is, the program it uses to uninstall it, you have to download, and of course, i can't download anything. Any ways around this?

Flash Track...goodness, this one is almost annoying as Aurora, maybe even more...i keep getting popups such as these from this program...


verrry annoying! and just like the last one, it wont let me get rid of it! any ideas?!


Limeshop...hm...i dont know what this one is. But thats what pops up when i press remove, any ideas?!

i scanned it and got 9 infected objects that were all deleted.

so after i saw that, i decided it woudln't hurt to scan one more time...here's what i got..


so ah...can anyone help me figure out how to get rid of these annoying little virsus and spyware?!

Here's what someone told me to do...

alt+ctrl+delete .,... processes tab... look for user processes that look suspicious... end the processes... scan with avg again

well i took his advice and here is what i got...


of those, im not sure which ones i can delete! i already ended WinMX. anything elese you think i could end? (besides AIM)

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If you haven't already, you should try System Restore; here are instructions for using it:

Without being able to download anything, this could be difficult. Have you considered backing up what you can and reinstalling Windows?

Do you have access to another computer where you can download, and then transfer the dowloaded tools, to your computer?

Do you use LimeWire (or have you in the past)?

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