Hello, this is a follow on but a new problem.

I have had a major crash on my dell 6400 and have no safe mode or anything.

I have managed to get an XP recovery disk.

It loads then asks for an admin password??

I have tried everything I would use.

I then used F12 found Admin password and found it wasnt set?? so I changed it to admin and back. tried to load again but password invalid>>??

The current password is nothing/enter.....

where do I go from here.

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When we install Windows, it automatically creates an account "Administrator" and sets its password to blank. So if you have forget Your user account password then try this:
Start system and when you See Windows Welcome screen / Login screen, press ctrl+alt+del keys Twice and it'll show Classic Login box. Now type "Administrator" (without quotes) in Username and leave Password field blank. Now press Enter and you should be able to log in Windows.

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