Hello, I would appreciate some help on this. I'm quite the virus noob so my luck has been limited. My problems started four days ago when I got the wmpscfgs.exe virus, which I think I've managed to remove since. At the same time also, I started getting these errors which I still have:

  • Critical error message, saying shutdown will happen in one minute. Typing in shutdown -a hasn't worked for me.
  • clfs.sys error
  • acpi.sys error

My laptop is Dell, running Vista home premium.

I've run stinger and Malicious software removal tool and it found no viruses. Also did cc cleaner. Could not install mbam-setup.exe.

My anti-virus at the time of crash was McAfee, I've since removed it and replaced with AVG.

At present it's also showing me a rundll32 app crash. I've had various app crashes, sometimes it's Dell wireless.

I had looked up the services.exe crash in different places and they said do msconfig to disenable some start up active x, but I wasn't able to identify anything suspicious.

These are the tasks runnnig just after I get the shutdown message.

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An AVG scan today gave me 14 trojans. They were removed, I rebooted but the one minute shutdown is still happening. So is the service.exe crash.


I tried installing that yesterday, it gave an error and I couldn't install.

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