Hi from Oz

Received Mcafee Virus warning on running Anti Virus program - deleted file from System 32 - only problem I have is that now when I boot up Windows tells me it cant locate file

Can someone assist me in getting rid of this - step by step as I am not that proficient.


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I am operating with XP

Message box comes on start up - mcafee 32.exe

" Windows cannot find 'mcafee32.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly,and then try again. To search for a file click the start button and then click search "

But the file isn't there. I am wondering in deleting the virus Mcafeew32.exe, I may have deleted a mcafee32.exe if it existed in XP

Appreciate help



Hi Hagar, welcome to DaniWeb :D

I've moved your thread to the Virus forum as I feel this is a more appropriate place for it.

I suggest you first use System Restore to return your system to a time before you deleted the file you seem to be having trouble with.

Then, follow the recommendations and instructions in the links below. When you've finished that, post your HijackThis log in this thread and we'll (hopefully) get this problem sorted out :).

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