I have a new laptop with Windows 7 and I keep getting a pop-up that Adobde Flash is trying to make changes to my computer. Adobe was preinstalled. I have deleted ANYTHING I can find that refers to Adobe at all (after making sure that it was NOT checking for updates), have run MalwareBytes, have McAfee (preinstalled) and have cleaned my registery after deleting everything I can find. I'm still getting the pop-up. How can I get rid of this thing for good?

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This causes me concern:

have deleted ANYTHING I can find that refers to Adobe at all

You never DELETE, you Uninstall. Did you actually Uninstall or just delete?

There is Absolutely NOTHING wrong with Adobe Flash, in fact it is needed on many, many websites. The Adobe Flash Player is software for viewing animations,movies,presentations and interactive graphics using computer programs such as a web browser. This includes games, uTube videos, weather maps, sometimes various buttons on websites, any number of things you would never even know aren't working unless you have removed this.
It came pre-installed on there for that very reason, if it wasn't likely the user would need it, especially today with all the things available online it would not have been pre-installed by the manufacturer.
It is very possible that it was trying to check for updates. In fact it is very likely that is what was happening since this is a brand new computer. It most likely updated, and when the updates where attempting to install you received that info, that Adobe Flash was trying to make a change, an update IS a change.

When you get a brand new computer you should always check for updates to all programs that come pre-installed on the computer. Just because the computer is new does not mean there has not been updates to programs installed on the computer between the time of manufacture and the time of purchase. In fact it is VERY likely that there are updates which should be done. By removing all of this then it is likely that on some pages you will not be able to view what is on there because you no longer have the Adobe Flash Player on there.
All that you needed to do was turn off the auto updater.

This also concerns me;

have cleaned my registery after deleting everything I can find

How did you "clean" the registry? Generally there is no reason at all to clean the registry. If there is an infected registry key you would use a program like Malwarebytes' which WILL clean out infected registry keys, IF they are infected but if Malwarebytes' didn't find any infection in the registry then there was no infection there. I sincerely hope you have not done serious damage to the registry by "cleaning" it.

This was NOT an infection, this was/is a very normal program found on the majority of all computers today, whether you are running a new one or an old one you will likely find Adobe Flash Player on all of them.

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how do you turn off the updater? I am having the same problem and just now uninstalled Flash Player. I just had my computer reformatted because it had a virus and now I am being annoyed by this thing popping up telling me the site I am on wants to install flash player. I would like to have it too but it so annoying. Even after I had installed it , I kept getting that info on most sites I went on..So I uninstalled it . Even after you download Flash, you still get those annoying pop ups to install it and active x Gracie

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