Hi, my Dell Laptop won't respond and I don't know why.

It worked fine this morning and then I left it on for about an hour and when I came back it was just unresponsive. Even CTRL, ALT, Delete didn't do anything, so I had to turn it off at the switch.

When I turned it back on it loaded fully and as soon as i tried to click on a program became unresponsive again.

I turned if off again and turned it on a while later and after loading a blue screen came on and said there was a problem and it needed to shut down, and turned itself off.

When I turned it back on it did a system scan to check the disk for errors and then loaded fully. It worked for a short time and I run a full systen scan using AVG, it then became unresponsive again. I dont want to keep turning it off by the switch because that damages your computer aswell but am unsure what to do any help?

AVG found no threats or viruses and I only had a new hardrive fitted 4/5 months ago so I wouldn't have thought it was a problem with that.

Thanks, Katie

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Sounds like something has interfered with the boot sector. Perhaps you should insert your windows installation disk and do a repair. If you don't have a windows installation disk then buy one. If you can't afford it and want a harder alternative then download the ubuntu disk (about 1GB) and run ubuntu from the cd to browse the system for any malicious files.
So as I said before if you insert your windows installation disk you will get an array of options. From those options choose to repair the system and replace the system files. This will remove any system faults leaving only 3rd party software faults left. Enjoy.

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Forget about AVG. In my opinion, it's useless. Last year I had a virus which infected the recovery DLLs, and so on so when I did a re-install of Windows, the virus re-attached back to the system and kept me infected. AVG couldn't find anything at first, when it did, it gave me a popup which actually said, "could not remove file" or something along those lines. It hadn't been edited to not work by a virus, because I reinstalled it from a clean USB I had bought that day from a shop, and used another system to transfer the installation over to the USB.

Try scanning with: Hitman Pro (you can download a trial! If you like it, buy the full version). I'm sure Hitman Pro will find something, if there is anything to find. Afterwards, do a scan with Malwarebytes and see if that detects anything aftr Hitman pro scan and removal. If anything is found again, remove everything. Then restart the system. Make sure you restart the system after using Hitman Pro before you try Malwarebytes, as well.

If none of that works, format your hard drive. Flash the BIOS, and then use a Windows installation disk. Do not download a ISO online because it may have been already infected with virus/malware.

If you can't afford a new Windows Installation disk, if you don't already have one try downloading Ubuntu and installing that. It's a cheaper alternative (FREE). If you still want Windows, use a Virtual machine from Ubuntu. That way if Windows does get infected, you can fix it in a few minutes instead of re-installing this and that and flashing this BIOS here and there.

You got a virus in your partition table

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