A couple of months ago i downloaded a spyware program called spyware stormer. i have just found out that some software downloads its own spyware/adware. How can you tell if it has? As i am new to this site could you tell me what the hijackThis log is. I am completely bewildered by all this technology and it scares me every time something strange pops up on the screen. My ISP is offering a free security download called Netguard and is supplied by ntl does anyone know if its any good. If not which is the best free/cheap download available for windows XP.

Hi barbara2

You might like to visit the following web site http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/lop.html which gives very interesting reading and might help you to decide which software to use to eradicate your problems. It's a lot of reading but well worth the time. Hope this might help you.

Cheers Ruby

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