I have Dell latitude Csx- 800Mhz , 256MB ram , win 2000 pro. Recently i installed Norton internet Security 2005 on my laptop. It is a good program , but i find it highly system heavy. Can you suggest me alternative , lighter antivirus and firewall programs which can give equivalent performance and security.

Also,Where does Zone Alarm stand when compared to NIS 2005 ?

thanks in advance.


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The "lightest" AV i have used is NOD32. It has very good detection capabilities, advanced heuristics. But its not free!
If you want a freeware, you can go for AntiVir Personal Edition Classic. It has got large virus and adware database, sensitive heuristics and its "light" on the system.

And for the Firewall, nothing beats ZoneAlarm :)


Hey, i went on to zonelabs.com , and there is something known as "Triple Defense Firewall " . What is this fancy stuff? is this really required or only ZoneAlarm will do ?


You can try ESET Smart Security.
It seems to be good. I have a Netgear firewall and connected to a few computers.
On one of the computer, I tested with ESET Smart Security and I configured it to have strict protection. To my surprise, the other computers cannot even see this Smart Security computer. Another big surprise, even my Netgear firewall also cannot see this computer but this computer is sitting in my network and using my internet.

To me, none of the system is 100% bulletproof.
ESET is quite good. Just imagine, if you are in a wifi internet cafe and you don't know who is waiting for you but if they cannot even see your computer when you connected, they cannot do anything harmful I guess.

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You can try NPAV at indiaantivirus.com. I've found it quite light and works from Windows 98 upward.

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