It appeairs that I may have been hijacked. I have run AVG & Microsoft Security Essentials in Safe Mode and there were no threats. When I am in Safe Mode I cannot connect to the internet to download the hijackthis to provide you a log. Any suggestions how I can do this for you?

In the taskbar I am receiving an Antivirus Software Alert. In a Security Alert box it states:

Virus Alert!
Application can't be started!
The file wuauclt.exe is damages.
Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?

Any assistance would be appreciated. I've used Daniweb years ago and it's worked every time!

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The message you are receiving could be from a virus that is trying to get you to install it. To find out for sure get the latest copy of MALWAREBYTES from the link below. The free version will usually get rid of almost everything and you can install it in "Safe Mode with Networking" and get the updates and for the software too.

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Hi Feb20, first of all you say you are running TWO anti-virus programs, so your protection is cut way down. The absolute rule is ONE anti-virus program and ONE firewall should be run on a computer, never more.
Sounds like you have one of the Fake Alert infections, which anti-virus programs won't find or remove anyway.
You need to begin by following all of the steps given on our Read Me First sticky and post back with all the requested logs. This is the only way we know exactly what assistance you need.




MALWAREBYTES totally worked. Thank you for you help.

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