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This Sticky Post is intended for all potential volunteers who would like to contribute to Daniweb's Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties Forum.

Please be advised that this forum remains one of the last few open Anti-Malware forums on the web.

By open, we mean that anybody in the Daniweb community is allowed to respond to posts for assistance. There is no vetting process or any other knowledge requirement as to be found in the majority of other Security Forums.
Frankly, we welcome any knowledgeable volunteers who are willing to devote some of their free time to assisting others in need.

However, if you choose to post a response in this forum, we ask that you please adhere to the following Standard Operating Procedure:

-- Please refer initial posters for assistance to our Read Me First Sticky Post
We would like everyone to start with these steps so that a "baseline" for further assistance can be established.

-- Please be prepared to follow through to the end with any thread to which you respond. If you bite off more than you can chew and get in over your head, any of the moderators of this forum will be happy to assist you. This is another reason why we'd like all threads to start with the Read Me First Sticky Post.
If you are not willing or able to follow through with a poster until their machine is clean, we ask that you please not post at all.

-- Please DO NOT suggest a user "scan with such and such tool" and leave it at that. These types of posts will be deleted by the moderating team.
Likewise, please do not suggest a poster run any potentially destructive tools (combofix, for example) unless you are thoroughly versed in their operation and able to address any problems that may occur upon their usage.

Finally, please understand that this forum will be strictly monitored and moderated due to the potential for harm posed by bad or suspect advice. Any and all bad information and posts that disregard our Standard Operating Procedure will be edited or summarily deleted at the discretion of the moderating team.

We really would prefer to keep this an open forum and would appreciate your cooperation!
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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