I checked the result of the cleaning tool (CS_DevEvil.zip). The virus is completely gone and even the hosts file was fixed.

Another thing, it's easy to see if the virus is still active on a PC by running Ad-Aware and then looking in the log file. If it's still active you will find some lines similar to this in the running processes list:

#:31 [winlogon.exe]
FilePath : C:\Documents and Settings\1\Local Settings\Application Data\
ProcessID : 3992
ThreadCreationTime : 1-25-2006 4:29:06 AM
BasePriority : Normal
FileVersion : 1.00.0004
ProductVersion : 1.00.0004
ProductName : Brontok.A
InternalName : Brontok.A
OriginalFilename : Brontok.A.HVM31

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