Now here are the two programs I mentioned.
First one is SpywareBlaster from Javacool. It is truly a MUST have program. I have not run my computers without it in years.
"SpywareBlaster doesn't scan for and clean spyware--it prevents it from being installed in the first place. SpywareBlaster prevents the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, adware, dialers, browser hijackers, and other potentially unwanted programs. It can also block spyware/tracking cookies in IE, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, and many other browsers, and restrict the actions of spyware/ad/tracking sites."

Download it from here:

Install it, update it and then Enable All protection and close the program. This is one reason it is so good, it doesn't run in the background so it cannot interfere with any other programs, but it offers superb protection. Manually check for updates every couple weeks. If there are updates then install them, enable all protection and close the program. Simple as that.

The second one is WOT...Web Of Trust. This is a browser addon which gives you advanced warnings on whether a website is trustworthy or not. If the site is good you will see a little green circle on the browser, if it is questionable the circle will be yellow/orange and if it is totally NOT trustworth the circle will be red.
It is available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Keep Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBA-M). Update it at least once a week and do a Quick Scan with it, if something is found then have it Remove all. Reboot, Update it again and do a Full Scan following the same procedures. If the Quick Scan comes out clean then no need to do the full scan. Remember, MBA-M has updates multiple times a day so this is why you always should update it BEFORE each scan.

Other than that, unless you have other questions, I would say you are "good to go". You did a super job. Yes, as you said, it is very important to follow steps as given and exactly. They are written in the order they are in for very specific reasons, as you have found.
Again, you did a great job and glad we got things cleaned up. If you feel everything is fixed then you can mark this thread as solved.

This has turned out to be a superlative experience. I guess I anticipated the type of frustration I usually experience with major computer problems. But this ended up being a great experience, both in learning and in solving my problem. For a "hobbyist" you are a true professional. Methodical, firm, and encouraging. I was impressed with DaniWeb the first time I used it. I am a true believer now. Thank you very much for your patience and generosity with your time. I have downloaded the two final programs.... which answered my last question: How can I be more diligent in prevention. Thanks Judy.

Thanks to everyone at DaniWeb. What a great experience it is to spend the time working through a serious computer issue and actually come out with a total resolution! Truly exceptional knowledge and professional technique in mentoring. JHolland1964 took a very detailed process --spyware removal -- and broke into steps I could deal with. She also converted a frustrated jerk -- that would be me-- into a big fan! Thanks!

Thanks so much for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated.
Happy we could get it all resolved. Good working with you too!

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