Hi newbi here, I need help I've spent hours on the line to HTML India (free help desk with BT) and for what , My problem is that I can access the internet ect but If i try and link some sites ect like my E-bay account I just keep getting error pages site not available ect, although I can look at all ebay but if I try and sign in? I can't access MSN messenger or explorer judt messages that cannot connect server/ or server is busy is not found but with other sites I can browse ??? :eek:

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so in other words are ya sayin ya cant establish a secure connection?

sry, but your explanations are too vague. try to be more specific.

Hi DinoDash, welcome to DaniWeb :D

Try the following fixes...

Winsockfix (if your OS is XP) -- http://www.stevewolfonline.com/Downloads/DMR/Spyware%20Tools/WinsockXPFix/WinsockXPFix.exe

If it still doesn't work, try IEFix -- http://windowsxp.mvps.org/IEFIX.htm

And, if you're still having problems after that, try downloading an alternate browser (such as Opera or Firefox), this will help determine if the problem is with IE or elsewhere.

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