Hi everyone, its been awhile since i posted here, hope someone could help me once more. Anyway my friend copied some files from me, he said his external HD is new so i plugged it in. When i opened it i saw he already inserted some files in it coz hes asking me to reformat his laptop. Anyway my problem is now the FPS dropped in my 2 of my frequently played games. I didnt change any setting in the game or what so ever. The game became choppy and it lags. Avira always blocks this "autorun.inf" every time i plug n unplug a external HD. I had that for a time and it only affects my F: n G: drives and delete the autorun.inf file often but it keeps on coming back but never affected the performance. Now after my friends HD was plugged to my computer Avira is now blocking "autorun.inf" from C:!!! Its the same day that the FPS of my games dropped. For added info i uninstalled a game also the same day and other heavier games runs smoothly like before. Please help me bring back my Pc in shape...i dont wanna reformat as much as possible. I got Avira personal, Malwarebytes pro and Spybot. Run scan but they didnt get nothing except for spybot which i already deleted. Thanks in advance guys.

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Win7 ultimate 64bit
4gb RAM
ATI radeon 1gb 5770
intel Quad core
HD capacity still high.

Guys please help! If it helps im not sure if the last uninstalled game messed with my DirectX.

what are the games? have they done any recent updates? are they online or offline?

call of duty modern warfare 2 online and offline and nba2k11 offline are the games that suffers from the fps drop. There were no updates nor video setting changes. The same day i uninstalled Crysis2, is it possible it took away some features that affects games like directX perhaps? Other heavier games runs smoothly like dead space 2, medal of honor and the likes...please help. Also avira is blocking a "autorun.inf" from drive C: now,unlike before. Thats where my OS is installed. =(. Before avira warning for autorun.inf blocking are for my g: and f: only and only when i plug in a USB hd.

I have seen a lot of people complaining about random lag spikes on modern warfare 2 on the PC (not sure about nba2k11) which could possibly be related directly to the game itself. Is it happening at ALL times now or does it come and go?

started happening when avira started to block a " autorun.inf" from my drive C: thats also the time i plugged my friends external HD, same day i also i uninstalled Crysis 2. Since then both games became laggy n crappy. Havent gone back to normal...=(. If its a hardware prob. Whats the steps or things i should check. Thanks

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