I am working on a friends computer, and they had Norton 2003, they bought the newest 2006 version and we downloaded it online (dial up) and it took several hours. So when I ran setup, it does a scan of the system to make sure that it can install properly. It came up with a box saying to uninstall 2003, so I did. Then when I tried to install it again, it came up with an error, and said to uninstall it then install it. But it wasnt in the add/remove folder- but Live Update was, so I uninstalled that. I had to restart the computer because I had made changes. It shut down, but when it went to restart, the windows xp came up- then goes directly to a blue screen saying fatal error. and won't go any further.
I tried f12 in safe mode- it still comes up with an error, and won't load. I tried Norton Go Back, and the only go back time was 5 minutes early (after the problem). I tried putting in the disc the computer came with- that comes up to repair windows- but I need an administrator password- and since they didn't set up the computer, they have no idea what it is.
I could really use some help as this is not my computer, and I am not sure what to do from this point. Thank you so very much!!

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