Hey gang newbie here with a new HP 8g HD 504 ram win xp home. Been reading the post about the Hijack program but to scared to run through the process alone. Have a Small Business run from the computer and can't afford any chances.
Something is wrong with the pc but can't find it.
Any good samaritans out there?

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Heh sure. Alrite, about the HijackThis, it's easier then it seems. First, you're gonna download the software, but NOT open it. Instead, first create a new folder in the Program Files, and name it HJT. Then, drag the installer folder (what ya downloaded), place it in the new folder made, and double click on it. (what also never hurts is to make a shortcut to it, and place it on the desktop). After opening it, hit 'Scan'. After scanning, JUST click 'Save log'. When ya do this, a notepad document will open with the log. Once you have this, copy+paste it into a reply to this thread.

Things to remember:
1)Make sure to move the installer to a permenant folder.
2)Be sure NOT to check anything after running the scan. Also, be sure to click 'Save log', not 'Fixed checked'.
3)Lastly, be sure NO other windows are open when running HJT. That even includes internet windows, this thread, etc. If necessary, ya might want to print it out.


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