I own an Acer notebook (Aspire 1310) which I guess has some sort of virus.
I was working on it last week and the computer suddenly showed a blue screen and shut down.
When I tried to restart it stopped right after the initial Acer sreeen with a black screen.
I took the HD to an Acer Help Desk and found out that all my files had been erased though system and program files seemed to be all there.
So I took the notebook home and used its recovery CD to reformat the HD. It seemed to be working just fine, I reinstalled Avast antivirus but a few minutes later the same blue screen appeared and the system won't boot again.
Any help will be appreciated,
Leandro - Brazil


Boot to Safe Mode, and uninstall Avast Anti Virus.

How to Boot to Safe Mode

By default when WinXP encounters a system failure, it reboots without warning. The setting that controls this can be changed:
Control Panel/System/Advanced/Settings (Startup & Recovery)/System Failure/Uncheck-Automatically Restart.

The Next time you get a BSOD, you'll be able to see the error message. I need that Message; word for word.