I consider myself a decently computer savvy guy for my age, however, this has me completely stumped. so if any of you can tell me weather or not re-installing windows (or any other solution you could think of) would be likely to help, because as much as It would be a pain to go into safemode and copy all my files onto something, i simply cannot wait until the guy who usually fixes my computer gets back from vacation in a couple weeks.

I have an old laptop (6ish years). the history of witch includes a bunch of viruses (before i owned it, fixed years ago) a fried hard drive (over a year ago, imediatly replaced) and recently the screen started falling off on one side (heavily ducktaped). i was running a cracked version of windows 7 (instaled over a year ago) and is a toshiba satalite pro M300.
the other day my cat attacked me while i was using my laptop and in my startled spasms i droped my laptop. it didnt fall far, about 2 feet and it landed rightside up in a way that didnt realy worry me, its been through far worse. but when i turned it on the screen wouldnt work, i was rather panicked until i realized that the screen did infact work but the backlight was gone, i could just barely make out what was on the screen if i held it up to the light just a certain way. When i did i noticed some odd looking messages and warnings and all around a very buggy and non responsive feel about my precious laptop. So i removed all the tape that is keeping my screen in one piece and keeping that one piece attached to the base and quickly noticed that there was a wire that got unpluged. After finding some tweasers the rest was easy work and i just pluged it right back in, and imediatly the screen was working properly. but after having re-taped it i noticed that since then whenever i use my computer half my programs wont launch and the ones that do almost always stop responding imediatly. also my antivirus goes beserk and warns me about retarded things like (thatoneprogram.exe is trying to access windows/programfiles/thatoneprogram ) but its not responsive enough for me to run a scan. Then after a little while it blue screens with a message that goes by to fast to read. One time i tried launching startup repair but after a long wait all I got back was an error. The weirdest part is, that since this all started when i droped it, you would expect it to be hardware related, but since everything works fine in safemode, and the antivirus goes nuts, and etc it makes it look alot like a software problem, specificaly a virus or something of the like.

Please tell me if you think you've figured out whats wrong or if you have any questions or feel like ive forgoten to mention something. im kinda desperate. either way, thanks for reading to the end.

P.S: despite all its flaws, i have a massive crush on this machiene. I have kept it running strong for all this time and i can still get it to run decently graphics intence games and etc without much trouble. so rather than just bashing my laptop and telling me to scrap it (which is the responce ive received elsewhere) legit advice would be greatly apreciated.

Because you dropped it while it was running, it might be hardware/software related. From safe mode try running chkdsk, either from a command prompt:
chkdsk /r
or from Local Disk C: properties > Tools, Error checking [tick both boxes] and performn at next start.

my laptop have the same problem I found if I hit it just the right way it works (lol ^-^) its cause by i think the harddrive getting disconnected inside the laptop. open it up and look at it, it might be loose, when I plug it back it(or hit it) it turns back on. but this is just for the backlight issue, I dont know about the other problems looks like you fixed the backlight issue so this post is useless but daniweb wont let me delete it so here you are, a long post just for you :)

have you done a system restore?

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