Hello people i've been trying to make a halware....
well a halware is a programme that keeps on creating .txt files it keeps on looping, using up like tons of GB...
i wanna make a type of halware that atleast takes up 500MB per second.... my bro made it (he is only 9 yrs old woah!) so i wanna challenge him.

pls type down the code below... ( iguess we need for loop) HELP ME!!

Another help! i wanna know what do u mean my shell execute and can we delete a file using it (i know we can use system del or std remove)....

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I can do same things with Visual Studo (Visual Basic)

I will not tell you how buut the Hint will clear you...
get the Textbox to your application and add the unwanted text in it or loop the text get created itself. almost 60950455 length (length will make bigger file size)
and then use timer to save the file at some location timer interval = 10ms
(1s = 1000ms)
So this will start creating new files at specific location
each file will be crated at 10ms (as to look as malware you can also type just binary letters : (1 and 0)
this will seems as Virus/malware...

heheheee, simple


i can't add the codes/project file to you as you want to create malware.
this can harms someone pc.
i give hints as for your challange to your bro...
else to create malware then you are at wrong place

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